Largo do Pelourinho
Largo do Pelourinho Largo do Pelourinho View from the window

Hostel Pousada Pais TropicalThe hostel has existed since 2004 and in June 2011 we acquired it, the inn is the union of two great nationalities: Brazilians and Poles. In our work we combine the best of these two cultures, Polish efficiency and Brazilian joy. Our goal is to provide our visitors a place where they feel safe and comfortable, as if you were at home, a place where you can relax and get all the information you need. Our family encourages you to make good friends with staff and fellow travelers and hopes for your return. We believe in the great importance of providing a good breakfast and maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Along with personal service and friendly attitudes, we are able to communicate in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish.

Entrance Stairs Drawing room Drawing room

Our great advantage is the location of the hostel. We are located in the historic center of Salvador, just at Largo do Pelourinho. From the windows of our common room and some guest rooms you can happily watch the colorful life on the square. It is the perfect starting point to explore the various interesting aspects of the Pelourinho and participate in the nightlife of the historic city. In our immediate vicinity there are numerous museums, theaters and schools of percussion, dance and capoeira.

We are confident that you will have a wonderful stay in our hostel and be pleased by our friendly and caring approach. We gladly and warmly welcome you back anytime.

 Double deluxe Room 2,3,4,5 - people Double


  • complete breakfast buffet including fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, meat, eggs and bread
  • internet Wi-Fi
  • computer for guests
  • linens
  • towels
  • books
  • room for socialization
  • musical instruments
  • cable TV
Room 2,3,4,5 - people Dormitory  Single

We have rooms for 2, 3, 4 and 5 people, all with private bathroom, fan and TV. We also have shared rooms with a maximum capacity of 8 per room which is available by bed or by rental of the whole room for groups. All dormitory-styled rooms are equipped with air conditioning and securable lockers. The bathroom is located down the hallway.

RoomDormitorySingleDoubleDouble deluxeTripleQuadruple5 people6 people
t. lowR$ 40R$ 70R$ 90R$ 115R$ 140R$ 190R$ 220R$ 250
t. normalR$ 45R$ 80R$ 95R$ 130R$ 160R$ 230R$ 250R$ 300
t. highR$ 60R$ 100R$ 130R$ 160R$ 265R$ 330R$ 390R$ 430


  • low - from april to june; from setember to november
  • normal - from july to august; from dezember to march
  • high - from 30 of dezember to 1 of january
  • carnaval - from 23 February to 28 February
Hallway Room Stairs Breakfast Dorm Private bath

Vendemos também passagens de catamaran para Morro de São Paulo. O mesmo valor vendido no Porto. Reserva por email: paistropical2@gmail.com

IdaVoltaSegunda à SextaDomingo e Feriados
09:0014:00R$ 97R$ 97
14:0015:00R$ 97R$ 97


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